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Role of AI in Digital Marketing

In 2019 we came far along with technology, now a day technology is taking a part in common day-to-day life. If we are talking about technology, we don’t have to miss the term Artificial Intelligence which is helping us in machine chatbots, medical diagnosis, electronic trading platforms, robot control, and remote sensing. With the help of AI, customers get each answer with human effort.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The machine and computer-coded system is built to reduce human effort and deliver the output without 0% human involvement or engagement, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, chat, and translation between languages.
Industries where Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Space Research
  • Heavy Duty Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Music
  • E-commerce
  • Transportation

AI taking Digital Marketing to the next level after 2018
The best example of AI in the digital world is Google Voice Search and Automatic product recommendations on e-commerce portals such as Ecommerce, Flipkart, etc.
AI helps digital marketers in collecting accurate insights with the least involvement in data analysis and knowing the market trends.

How is AI helping Digital Marketers?

Easily identify the audience requirement and what is the most searched product/service, this will help digital marketers to set 99.9% accurate look alike setting in a campaign. Data Analysis & Audience reach is done quickly and save much time.

AI helps you to stop the guessing, this will help in making a healthy strategy so that campaign gives us 100% ROI. AI coding helps us identify fraud clicks & repetitive visitors which will help us save money in Pay Per Click Campaigns. Following the AI data, you can plan the campaign in such a way that it gives maximum ROI with the least spent. Post navigation

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