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We at Pitch Pine Media, India’s leading White Label Facebook Ads Specialist, keep exploring the breakthrough for your brand in social media. Over 14-plus years of our journey in online marketing, we have managed to build our team enriched with great experiences, integration, and inventions.

Suppose your business is aiming to maximize your social media advertising ROI. In that case, our Offshore White Label Facebook Ads Specialist will customize, optimize, and execute your social media campaigns across diverse platforms. Our all-seasons competent team are built and offers White Label Facebook Ads Management Services that help you keep pace with changes, equipped with diverse capability and built around technology, data, and new-age consumer aspiration.

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    White Label Facebook Ads Specialist

    Why Outsourcing is the Way Forward?

    As an agency or start-up, do you know how diverse and challenging marketing and business have become lately? Meeting the customer’s expectations Omnichannel 24X7 or running every other aspect of your business function takes a significant chunk of your time. And whilst social media is a considerable part of it, it is just one of the many other digital domains you must update, invest and manage.

    From checking your chatbots daily and conducting the sentiment analysis, regular SEO drive or featured snippet optimization to keep Google happy, you may have got your hands full with a growing list of daily tasks. On top of it, with the help of White Label Facebook Ads Management Services, you are trying to grow your business and keep your clients happy. It is, therefore, no surprise that many agencies and start-ups are handing over challenging social media tasks to offshore White Label Facebook Ads Specialists.

    Facebook Marketing Services

    Outsourcing is the new business practice in the international business scenario. The latest Survey conducted by Clutch – an US-based online research organization, says that small businesses will continue to outsource to increase efficiency and expertise and most commonly seek support for accounting, IT services, and digital marketing responsibilities. In 2019, the outsourcing market globally amounted to 92.5 billion U.S. dollars.


    Francesca Tortora CEO Global Executive Search at Researchft International

    We engaged Shivam & Pitch Pine Media services when we started Lockdown Solar Solutions Africa. What was outstanding was his availability at all times & willingness to find a solution with whatever we approached him with. The fact that he was always willing to meet us half way & was quick to respond each time. Very active & positive person to deal with.

    David Lambert Director at DSL Property Developers & DSL Furniture

    Shivam helped with the optimization of my website 2 years ago. I would recommend his services.

    Joseph Mathieu Group Director-Paid Media California

    Shivam and his team at Pitch Pine Media were amazing at helping out our agency managing paid search. We had an over abundance of work (not a bad thing, of course) and financially, needed an outsource solution. Even being halfway across the world, Shivam’s team was responsive during business hours and successfully managed several clients for us. Would definitely recommend working with him in the future!

    Jamie McBain Owner - TBA, Australia

    I've known Shivam and his Company PPM for 3 years and in this time they has shown himself to be of exceptional value to any business needing his services . Sam is passionate, Dedicated, Determined. He just doesn't give up , always there for you . I'd highly recommend Sam in any instance. He always backs up his service with the best advice and delivery time frame .

    Deepti Grover Principal - Euro Kids School

    Company being very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend their services

    Why choose Pitch Pine Media as a
    White Label Facebook Ads Specialist

    When reviewing your business, it is crucial to assess growth and opportunities and improve your social presence. We are Pitch Pine Media, India’s leading Certified  White Label Facebook Ads Management Services. We design intelligent Social Media Marketing solutions that include organic, paid and AI-based programmatic social media advertising campaigns, shaping the future of brands in social media. As an end-to-end solution provider, our offshore White Label Facebook Ads team offer full-service package deals across all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram and many more. We also help you with your Social Channels Audit, covering the following tasks.


    Channel Performance Review.


    Content Performance Review.


    Audience Insights.

    Digital Buzz Check.


    Workflow Health Check.

    Company Goals Alignment

    Our skilled and experienced Offshore White Label Facebook Ads Specialist gives you and your clients the results you need. A Shared Offshore Team offers specialists on a non-exclusive basis, whilst a Dedicated Offshore Team would be focused entirely on your campaigns.

    Pitch Pine Media is a leading Certified White Label Facebook Ads Management Services that enjoys an incredible reputation of 14 years of servicing more than 100 global agencies, 25 plus start-ups and 50 plus B to B clients. We have the technology, creativity, and expertise to make automation work in your best interest in social media. If you want to Hire Offshore Certified White Label Facebook Ads Specialist from India, look no further and call us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Paid Ads on Facebook are always a good solution for lead generation; whereas Organic Facebook Management helps in brand building.

    It is based on a campaign built. You can set the campaign to charge per click or per 1000 Impressions.

    Yes, of course, we do A/B testing. This is the key approach for better ROI.

    Depends upon business-to-business and their business category.

    The process is called A/B testing under the campaign level to monitor which ad is performing better.

    Yes, Meta Ads are the best because the engagement time of the user and installation is high.

    Yes, Facebook Ads cost less than any other platform such as Google Ads etc.

    We share reports every month but on special requests sometimes send reports bimonthly.

    We win and grow together! Isn’t it?
    Let’s talk and work to build something non-imaginable.