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Businesses follow where the customers are! Pitch Pine, India’s leading Programmatic Advertising Agency, has an apt ad tech solution for you in the crowded marketplace of the internet too. We help you to strategize your targeting and maximize impressions with our automated data-driven AI-based advertising solution.

We understand that for your marketing campaign, you need to run your online advertisement to support your brand. As a professional Programmatic Advertising Agency, that is where we come in to take your business to the next level. We use advanced data analytics to automate the online advertising process. Programmatic advertising services are the best way to deliver ROI on your advertising budget. It helps you to compete by using automation to target your audience instantly, identify when and where they are online, and purchase digital ad space to show your ads to them.

Advertising is an expensive proposition if not used correctly. You can only stay ahead of the curve and boost ROI if you hire dedicated offshore experts to manage programmatic Advertising campaigns. Pitch Pine is a 100% White Label Programmatic Advertising Agency with a delivery center in India and an overseas office in the USA & Germany.

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    Automated Buying

    Programmatic Advertising is the real-time, automated selling and buying of online ad spaces through a sophisticated AI platform. Here the algorithm decides the winning bid and publishes the corresponding ads within seconds, resulting in quality traffic, valued leads, and sales conversions. Pitch Pine has mastery over this technology and analytics, making your brand stand out from the competition and boosting the effectiveness of your campaigns and delivering ROI.

    Go Programmatic – The Core of AdTech Today

    Why is Programmatic Advertising creating the latest buzz in our global media circuit today? Gone are the days when your online media planners struggled and managed the hassle of manually buying and selling the ad space; instead, they can play a more productive role in lead and revenue generation. Our AI-based advanced Programmatic Advertising platform now helps you explore your prime advertising opportunities online. The technology efficiently automates the buying and selling process using real-time bidding, saving time and delivering accuracy. It works across all digital platforms and can buy conventional television and billboard ads. With Programmatic Advertising, you can create targeted campaigns and get them in front of your real- time customer faster.



    Francesca Tortora CEO Global Executive Search at Researchft International

    We engaged Shivam & Pitch Pine Media services when we started Lockdown Solar Solutions Africa. What was outstanding was his availability at all times & willingness to find a solution with whatever we approached him with. The fact that he was always willing to meet us half way & was quick to respond each time. Very active & positive person to deal with.

    David Lambert Director at DSL Property Developers & DSL Furniture

    Shivam helped with the optimization of my website 2 years ago. I would recommend his services.

    Joseph Mathieu Group Director-Paid Media California

    Shivam and his team at Pitch Pine Media were amazing at helping out our agency managing paid search. We had an over abundance of work (not a bad thing, of course) and financially, needed an outsource solution. Even being halfway across the world, Shivam’s team was responsive during business hours and successfully managed several clients for us. Would definitely recommend working with him in the future!

    Jamie McBain Owner - TBA, Australia

    I've known Shivam and his Company PPM for 3 years and in this time they has shown himself to be of exceptional value to any business needing his services . Sam is passionate, Dedicated, Determined. He just doesn't give up , always there for you . I'd highly recommend Sam in any instance. He always backs up his service with the best advice and delivery time frame .

    Deepti Grover Principal - Euro Kids School

    Company being very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend their services

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    If you are an agency or an MNC brand ready to generate more sales while saving time and money, we are here to help. Call us today to set up your free consultation so we can give a real- time demo of our incredible technology platform. As a White Label Programmatic Advertising Company, we have a vibrant business association with 100 plus global agencies, 25 plus start-ups and 50 plus B2B clients. We have the technology, creativity, and expertise to make automation work in your best interest in the digital ad space. Our Programmatic Advertising Company is an ISO-certified platform, aiding businesses to resolve critical marketing concerns in a go.

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