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Recruiting and managing in-house employees while taking care of their expenses adds to your overhead cost but is also very time-consuming; this is precisely why remote staffing is an excellent fit in modern business. We have a variety of professionals who excel in their skills and experience. Usually, some companies add extended staff to get extra support in their regular operation.

In remote staff, we provide services such as:

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    Are you looking for a trusted remote staff provider from India? If yes, Pitch Pine Media is the right choice to source your qualified, trained, and vetted remote employees.

    Why Hire Remote Staff from India

    India is the 5th largest global economy and a nation with a qualified and skilled talent pool, with English considered a business and official language nationwide. Indian youths are taking over the transformation of the Indian economy and contributing to productivity with skills and knowledge.

    Today, India is not only a central international hub for IT, software, app development, Smartphone manufacturing, and tech-driven industries, but the country is well positioned to navigate global headwinds.

    Besides the tech and BPO/KPO talents, the country has many talented, skilled professionals in business, marketing, finance, operations, HR, administration, etc. Demographics, Talent power, and productivity will make India the world’s third-largest economy by 2030, per the latest study by Praxis Global Alliance.

    The qualified, experienced skillset available on hire in India is just as diverse as the country, making it ideal for every employer from a developed economy to hire remote employees. The talent market is ripe for global companies to take advantage of. Moreover, hiring Indian employees for remote assignment works too well for US employers as labor cost is almost cut to less than half, compared to local native USA employees.

    Pitch Pine Media, a global Label digital marketing company with its head office in India and a fully operational business office in the USA and Europe, essentially catered to online business owners, consultants, MNCs, and established Start-up initiatives. For over 14 years, the company has been a White Label Service provider and has a specialist team available for outsourcing.

    The company caters to USA employers who are keen on hiring Indian talents on a remote basis in technology, IT, operations, online marketing, and other management domains. Pitch Pine Media follows a standard operating procedure for conducting vetting and orientation training and provides supervision services when they are finally hired by USA employers. Pitch Pine Media has been providing premium remote hiring services to USA-based companies and enjoys an excellent track record in the business.

    If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by hiring remote staff from India, partnering with Pitch Pine Media opens the doors to performance and productivity that leaves a mark on your business success.

    Your Trusted Partner for Hiring Remote Staff

    When you partner with Pitch Pine Media, you forge a dynamic business alliance. Over the years, we have fine-tuned the art of supporting your business with remote staff that resonates with US business and the working culture. We seamlessly source and integrate your remote team into your daily business operation, strictly adhering to your business values and communication style. We work with you as your extended HR team; we do more than hiring. We provide your remote team with basic orientation, make them operate from our 24/7 functional work offices under our supervision, and keep your business data completely secure. Being your extended team and trusted partner, we are dedicated to propelling your business to new heights.

    Besides the technical skills and educational qualifications, our vetting process looks at the following elements in a potential remote staff - Communication skills - Cultural compatibility - Availability across the global time zones

    We assist you in hiring quality remote staff from India at 50% less cost than Romanian, Bangladeshi, or Philipino remote employees.

    We hire remote staff available across all global time zones. They only operate from Pitch Pine Media 24/7 functional offices across India.

    We ensure that your remote employee will be more than a regular staff but a problem solver, taking ownership of the task allocated to them.

    Our edge of hiring


    Highly Skilled Virtual Assistants

    Degree Holders and Professionals

    English-Proficiant Virtual Assistants

    It’s Secure and Confidential

    Confidentiality agreement

    Pitch Pine Media maintains the secrecy of information and knowledge conveyed by an organization.

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    We ensure any information or data of an organization is not disclosed to a third party and is kept secret.

    Robust data security

    Protecting your data is our topmost priority! We use multiple safeguards in order to protect your information.

    Effective Office Security

    We protect our office from corporate sabotage, from both inside the company and the outside world.


    Francesca Tortora CEO Global Executive Search at Researchft International

    We engaged Shivam & Pitch Pine Media services when we started Lockdown Solar Solutions Africa. What was outstanding was his availability at all times & willingness to find a solution with whatever we approached him with. The fact that he was always willing to meet us half way & was quick to respond each time. Very active & positive person to deal with.

    David Lambert Director at DSL Property Developers & DSL Furniture

    Shivam helped with the optimization of my website 2 years ago. I would recommend his services.

    Joseph Mathieu Group Director-Paid Media California

    Shivam and his team at Pitch Pine Media were amazing at helping out our agency managing paid search. We had an over abundance of work (not a bad thing, of course) and financially, needed an outsource solution. Even being halfway across the world, Shivam’s team was responsive during business hours and successfully managed several clients for us. Would definitely recommend working with him in the future!

    Jamie McBain Owner - TBA, Australia

    I've known Shivam and his Company PPM for 3 years and in this time they has shown himself to be of exceptional value to any business needing his services . Sam is passionate, Dedicated, Determined. He just doesn't give up , always there for you . I'd highly recommend Sam in any instance. He always backs up his service with the best advice and delivery time frame .

    Deepti Grover Principal - Euro Kids School

    Company being very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend their services

    Why should you Hire Virtual Staff

    Hiring virtual staff is cost-efficient, and you get access to the best global talent, adding value to your business performance and productivity.

    Working with a professional partner like Pitch Pine Media facilitates hiring skilled, quality talents from India, which will make all the difference.

    Our company helps them integrate seamlessly with your global workforce under supervision.

    Your remote staff in India can work in different international time zones from 24X7 functional state-of-the-art offices of the company, reducing overhead costs.

    More Time

    According to a survey most remote workers stated they were likely to work overtime from their homes.

    More Productivity

    It may sound a little bit counter-intuitive, but remote workers are more productive than their in-office counterparts.

    More Freedom

    Remote workers feel more comfortable and free avoiding all the in-office distractions while working with an organization.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have 3 offices, India, USA and Germany. Our Delivery Center is based in India.

    Yes of course every staff member speaks fluent English.

    There are 3 medium of communication; Email, Phone and Video Call.

    No, there is no need to sign long term contract. We charge month on month with 30 Days Notice.

    We accept payment through PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

    Web Developer, Data Entry, Virtual Receptionist, Tele caller, Customer Support, etc.

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