Date: January 18, 2020
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From past few years most of the searches and email conversation is done on mobile devices. In last few researches it was found that a normal human being spent approx. 4 hours every day on their mobile phone.

Before 2018 Google only crawl the desktop websites that are indexed. But later after a lot of feedback that most Mobile user having problem in visiting the website over their smart phones. So, in 2018 updated the guidelines that Google will crawl the desktop version and mobile version and if both were perfect as per the alignment will get the approval.

Advantage of Responsive Website Design:

With responsive website means that your website will fit in all screen resolutions either Android Phone, iPhone, Laptop, Tablet etc. Visitor that come on the website can easily navigate and read the website and spent less time resizing the content and scrolling.
Responsive Website can improve the user experience which will help you in driving the lead for your business. If your website is responsive then user will visit again and again that means you have a chance to get a business from regular customer every time. If your website can be accessible through mobile visitor can place the order while they are travelling or in Gym, user don’t have to sit on desktop every time. Now a days when so much traffic is coming through mobile devices so it is important to have a responsive website.
Responsive web design, and mobile-first indexing, is now also important as a ranking factor, as mentioned earlier. Sites that are responsive will generally load faster which is likely to boost your ranking and decrease your bounce rate. Responsive web design can also make social sharing easier, helping you to grow a bigger audience for your brand.
SEO and Website Maintenance is much easier if it is responsive. It will save your money if you are planning to have an application after from your desktop version.
Now a days the competition is increasing if you are not having a responsive version of website then you are going to lose your business and hand over your business to your competitors.
Google Voice Search only show results for responsive website.
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