Remote Staff

Recruiting and managing in-house employees while also taking care of all of their expenses is not only costly but also very time-consuming, this is precisely why remote staffing is such a great fit. We have a variety of professionals who excel in their skills as well as experience. Usually, some companies add extended staff to get extra support.

In remote staff we provide service such as:

Our edge of hiring


Highly Skilled Virtual Assistants


Degree Holders and Professionals


English-Proficiant Virtual Assistants

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It’s Secure and Confidential


Confidentiality agreement

Pitch Pine Media maintains the secrecy of information and knowledge conveyed by an organization.


Robust data security

Protecting your data is our topmost priority! We use multiple safeguards in order to protect your information.


Non-disclosure Agreement

We ensure any information or data of an organization is not disclosed to a third party and is kept secret.


Effective Office Security

We protect our office from corporate sabotage, from both inside the company and the outside world.

Why should you hire virtual remote staff


More Time

According to a survey most remote workers stated they were likely to work overtime from their homes.


More Productivity

It may sound a little bit counter-intuitive, but remote workers are more productive than their in-office counterparts.


More Freedom

Remote workers feel more comfortable and free avoiding all the in-office distractions while working with an organization.

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